Buckfast Queen Bees available June - September

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Irish Buckfast bees and queen bees for sale - Fully adapted to the Irish climate after 10 years of selective breeding in the North-West of Ireland !

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1,5 kg artificial swarm in travelling box, can be housed in any type of bee hive.
Queen bee in introduction cage for safe and easy transfer.
Will produce honey same season, weather permitting.
Very docile and prolific
Buckfast bees.
Certified American Foulbrood free healthy bees.
Available late May/early June.

For more and detailed information: medler@eircom.net

Queen Bee Irish Buckfast marked white Queen Bee Buckfast marked yellow Queen Bee Buckfast marked red Queen Bee Buckfast marked green Queen Bee Buckfast marked blue Irish Queen Bee Buckfast

Buckfast Queen Bees available in 2013 June - September

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